$6 Blush & Bronzer


Before I tell you how great these are, please understand I’m not someone who recommends things lightly. Everything I praise or tell others to try is something I tried time and time and time over, over a long period of time. There is a huge influx of makeup in the last few years and it’s getting more and more expensive. I’m definitely guilty of overspending on beauty and I have a massive collection.

So when I tell you that a $6 blush and bronzer from ELF cosmetics is incredible, I really mean it. If you are not someone who overspends on makeup, this is a fantastic, cheap option. They are very dupable to high-end stuff. ELF has many versions of blush and bronzer so MAKE SURE YOU SELECT PRIMER INFUSED ONE. Those are the only ones I can claim that they are good. I have not tried anything else.

The bronzer is not too warm, so you will not look orange. Nor is it too gray, so your face won’t look dirty.

The blush is a soft peach that adds that pinched look to your cheeks. Both products are completely matte. No shimmer, no sheen…nothing. So if you’re a working woman (or man) who keeps their face glitter free, these are a great option. Because of my oily t-zone and because I use lots of highlighter on the high points of my face, matte blush and bronzer are a MUST for me personally.

I heartily recommend these. Mostly because for the past month, I have yet to reach into my collection for anything else, any other brand, which if you look below…is not bad.

With that said, where can you buy these?

Target & ULTA is where I’ve seen it. You might wanna try Walgreens or CVS but I have not seen them stock the Primer infused collection. Again, the PRIMER INFUSED part is crucial since they have many other ones.

“Any cons Jovana?” - why sure. Everything has a con. From the stores i’ve been in, I’ve only seen one or two shades of these so if you are a woman of color, these will not work for you. I believe their online store offers more shades.

If you need a new bronzer or blush and don’t wanna spend crazy money, ELF is a great, cheap, cruelty-free choice.