Eastern orthodox chRistmas at daČić household

Serbians celebrate Eastern Orthodox Christmas on January 7. If you are interested as to why, please visit this link. We basically go by the old Julian Calendar instead of Gregorian. Every year, husband & I celebrate alone in the morning, with traditionally adorned dinner table, 3 candles, and food of course. We later join the in-laws to continue the celebration.

Tomato Basil Cream Soup

This is basically a replica of the Panera Bread one and it turned out AMAZING. Partly because my co-worker, who is a professional horticulturist and certified Arborist, raises a massive garden and was kind enough to gift me a crap ton of fresh tomatoes. I used them all up in this soup, added ton of fresh ground pepper, kosher salt, little butter, little olive oil, fresh cream and topped it with fresh basil. For croutons, I just took an old bread from my pantry, cut it in cubes and pan cooked it until it charred a bit. This is one of my best dishes. Husband LOVED it.

Stuffed Gypsy Peppers

Whenever my mother-in-law hits up markets, she always comes back with a bag full of yellow gypsy peppers and they smell like pure heaven. I pan fry them on oil and garlic, or toss them fresh in salad with some feta. A whole bag sat in my fridge for little over a week so I decided to stuff them. Had some tomatoes and shredded cheese around. Added little bit of fresh herbs (dill) salt, pepper, Mexican table crema, lay them on top of fresh tomatoes and voila.