week in monochrome

I got mono last week. Monochromatic fashion, that is. Why? No idea. Monday morning, I paired a pair of red pants I recently got with an old red shirt just for fun and when I looked in the mirror, I really liked what I saw. I took that one-color inspo and ran it for a whole week. I’ve been a mortal enemy of the matchy-matchy fashions for so long, so needless to say, I was a bit out of my comfort zone. While my style has evolved over the past 15 years, as I’ve entered my 30’s, the clothing has shifted into basics that are fitting & somewhat masculine. You will RARELY see me outside of skinny or relaxed jeans, sleeveless tops that are French tucked in, and some kind of cover-up (cardigan, duster, blazer, etc.)

Yawn, I know.

This is what works for me. I am comfortable. I look put together. I am enjoying the subtlety.

Here is how my entire week of monochromatic fashion went down (if I have a link to any of the items, I’ll attach it, but honestly, I’ve been going through my own clothes which some are years old):


This was an ensemble that generated most reaction, for obvious reason. Head-to-toe bright red obviously stands out. I felt a little uneasy wearing this mostly because usually, I would have balanced the top or the bottom with some other color to tone down the brightness. Needless to say, I was a walking stop sign.

Top: Zara

Pants: Old Navy Pixie pants


I’m familiar with this particular combo. While I rarely “match” my clothes, I’ve worn this gray ensemble before. Maybe the grainy texture in the top is what kinda helps offset the monochrome. I dont own a pure gray shirt. That I know of.

Jeans: Zara

Top: A New Day (Target)

Duster: another TjMaxx find. Thin as a paper and perfect for cold offices in Summer time.


Tuesday I realized I don’t have that many “bold colors" aka fuchsia pinks, royal blues, emerald greens etc. Most of my closet is very muted. Probably has something to do with the fact i’m very pale and bold colors look ridiculous on me. I opted for this maroon ensemble. Didn’t even realize I owned burgundy/maroon pants but that’s the way cookie crumbles. My husband accuses me all the time that I have no idea what I actually own. Then he goes out of his way to buy more flamingo themed swim trunks. Who needs 3 things in their closet with flamingos on it?

Pants: TjMaxx brand. Very old

Top: A New Day (Target) - I pretty much own every color. Its too comfortable and easy maintenance.


I over did it on Thursday. Army green pants, top and loose cardigan. While the red outfit was sort of eye catching, this one was getting some weird side looks. On my lunch hour, I did some shopping for my upcoming vacation and noticed plenty of people giving me the weird eye. I think I was TOO matchy-matchy. Ended up being my favorite look. I felt really tall and long.

Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar Jeans

Top: A New Day (Target)

Cardigan: H&M


Friday was all white, nothing special. I recently got these ripped jeans that are bit more relaxed and I definitely prefer my light jeans in baggier fits. I noticed that tight white jeans accentuate cellulite on the back of my thighs. Its so weird. The top is something I’ve had for years.

Jeans: Zara

Top: old…I cant even remember where I got it from.

Cardigan: Zara (not exact, but similar style. same materials)


Did I have some sort of fashion epiphany during this monochrome week? No. Its not that deep. I felt taller. I felt put together. Felt kind of unique since same-color trends are not really popular anymore (all black does not count, thats a style of its own that will never die.) The red and the all army green ensembles got the most reaction…obviously due to brightness of that red and how monotone I looked in all solid 3 pieces in same color.

While I might dress in monochrome again, it will not be for a whole week. Thats for sure.

(All photos are taken with my iPhone XR on my break in the work bathroom because I REALLY love that white tile background.)

I broke these sunglasses 😢

My gray roots are out of control here. But thats reality of my life. I color my hair every month since i wash it every day. Its very coarse and it sticks out. I hate it. Very sore spot in the never ending quest for any type of self-confidence. But this post is about these incredible Zara sunglasses. That I broke.


Print on Print on Print

Can one wear three or more prints in one outfit? I was told no. But screw it. Here, have some birds, flowers and random squiggly lines.

Bird Print shirt and the long pink sweater duster are old. I got these on clearance at TjMaxx forever ago.

Embroidered jeans are Zara. The hole did not come with them.

I don’t know how it got there.

Here Kitty Kitty

In all of my closet, in all of my existence, I am wearing two of my favorite pieces I have ever owned. The black leather jacket is Zara (a gift from my then boyfriend, now husband) and the t-shirt is a unique piece from Blood is the new Black, LA based t-shirt shop with unique and custom art pieces on extremely lovely and soft cotton. Sadly, they no longer operate. I love this t-shirt more than anything else in my closet. I think its a perfect representation of my personality.

Cats inspire many of my purchasing choices. I do have three at home who consume my life. Am I to old to be adorned in cat print? Probably. Do I give a fuck? No.