Jim & Pam are the Worst

So finally, Katie shows up to meet with Jim and he asks her about her deserted island films. She also says Legally Blonde. Pam burst into a mocking cackle.

“Look how stupid your girlfriend is” – what that laugh signified to me and  Jim’s first reaction is to silent his new girlfriend whose bubbliness and femininity didn’t appease “cool” and “nerdy” Pam Beasly.

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My Favorite TV Dramas ("Serious" TV) of All Time

Oh boy. This is gonna be a tough one because I'll attempt to combine every genre of TV that is not comedy (I have a separate post for the funnies) and I can already feel anxiety building up because television is so fucking good. We are in the Golden Age of Television, my friends. Its weened me off the movies almost completely because why waste time. With that said, TV has evolved so much into an insanely raw, boundary pushing, human nature exploring medium and to list only 10 of my favorites, would not be doing any service to anyone. But I also don't want this post to be 17 days long so here are my top 10 (with honorable mentions)

Disclaimer: this is MY personal list. There are better shows, there are worse shows but this is my list and these are the shows I have watched multiple times over the past decade or so.

10. Lost
Lost was an enthralling experience to watch. To this date, I remember the chair I sat in, box of tissues and remote in my hand when the final episode aired. I remember how I felt. Still. Enthralling, but also the most frustrating. Why? Its a show that in my humble opinion, the writers simply didn't know how to end and made up things as it went on, creating one massive, convulsed mess. But why is it still your top 10 Jovana? Because Lost, when it was good, it was REALLY fucking good. It was all a dogs dream. Or was it?

9. Sherlock (BBC)

Contemporary spin on the worlds most famous detective? Nothing unique there. But when you have Benedict Cumberbatch's commanding screen presence as the titular character featuring fast paced, intelligent, witty, unpredictable writing? Sign me up. I'll tell you this tho: if you suffer any ADHD or have short span, not a fan of details....might wanna skip this one. It demands your full, uninterrupted attention & focus. Its TV's definition of fictional superiority and intellectual elitism.

8. Orange is the New Black
Netflix series set in low security prison for women? Sure I guess. An ensemble featuring women of every shape, size, color, sexual orientation, trans, disabled - the look back into their histories, why they committed their crimes, how they function, think, believe, feel, eat, fuck, exist...NO show like it out there. If you want a program that features flawed, raw, REAL women in the system, void of stereotypes and male gaze - watch OITNB. I usually finish an entire season in two sittings because that darn sleep overwhelms me.

7. Dexter
Do not come at me for this one. In my mind, Dexter only exists in Seasons 1-4. Ignore any conversation mentioning that lumberjack shit and focus on the good, which is seasons 1-4. Who is Dexter? Dexter is a serial killer who kills...other serial killers. Its fucking graphic as hell & dark and you get to be in Dexter's mind as he chooses the victims, the methods, recalls his history, the birth of his internal Dark Passenger, battles many foes, including "the good guys." But who is good? Who's bad? Who is evil? The lines are constantly crossed. How did it become bad after the Trinity Killer? Nor worthy of discussion. Also, speaking of the Trinity Killer...my God and I'll just leave it at that. Rent the first four seasons and be done with it. You'll thank me later.

6. Luther
Relatively unknown BBC drama that I have rewatched probably ten times now. What can I say, I'm a sucker for psychologically damaged anti-heroes who use their own personal darkness to solve crimes and problems. John Luther is a troubled, violent man...a cop who a moral duty, failed marriage and an uncomfortable friendship with a very special woman solving cases in each of the limited episodes of this show.

5. Jessica Jones
Luke Cage, Matt Murdoch (Daredevil), Frank Castle (The Punisher)...Jessica Jones. Netflix does Marvel good. You can't go wrong on any of these (except Iron Fist, insert vomit emoji.)I could probably place all of these on my 5th spot, but if I could rewatch one over and over again...its gonna be my favorite angry, potty mouth, alcoholic, "piece of shit", super human Jessica Jones. Yes I know, there are only 2 seasons and it could potentially become shit like Dexter but that first season has such tight and focused plot, Krysten Ritter is brilliant as Jessica, a villain I've never experienced before and loads of trope bashing characterizations - Jessica is my kind of super "hero."

4. The Wire
Believe when people tell you its the best show ever made. If someone makes a big deal and loses their fucking mind that you still haven't seen it....there is a reason for it. The Wire is complex, uncomfortable portrayal of urban America told from different perspectives through slow paced character study that never feels cheap or dramatic for the sake of being a television show. Like Sherlock above, it does require level of intelligence and singular focus because the beauty, as always, is in the details.

3. Breaking Bad
Cancer struck beta male high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with terminal cancer, with a pregnant wife and disabled son at home? What a dying man to do? Well...partner up with a local petty criminal, cook meth and sell it. Use the funds for the family after your pass away....or become the most notorious Drug lord of all time? At this point, I feel jealous of anyone who hasn't seen it yet. You get to experience Breaking Bad anew. Lucky bastards.

2. The Sopranos
Intelligent, brutal, dark, funny, complex..
Rich & layered storytelling and it marks the beginning of Golden Age of Television and none of the shows above would be possible without the legacy The Sopranos have left. It was important when it aired. Its important today and in a hundred fucking years, we will STILL be watching Tony maneuver both of his Families.

1. Game of Thrones
Is Game of Thrones better than The Wire, Breaking Bad and The Sopranos in terms of complex storylines, writing and characters? No its not. (Also, wildly different genres so its unfair to even compare) Is Game of Thrones the most exciting, exhilarating, blood rushing, heart breaking, mind blowing, table flipping, hair pulling TV watching experience ever? Oh you better fucking believe it. Dracarys.

Honorable Mentions:
  • Big Little Lies
  • Doctor Who
  • Stranger Things
  • Westworld
  • The Walking Dead
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • House of Cards
  • True Detective
  • Downton Abbey

My Favorite TV Comedies of ALL Time

If you catch me on Netflix, Hulu or Xfinity streaming, the chances are I am watching ONE of these shows...again and again and again. All stress & anxiety melts off of me so I thought I'd share with you what I think are the best, funniest TV shows in the last 20 years. No, my list will not contain Friends, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Two & Half Men, any reality TV...simply because those shows are not funny and I don't watch garbage. Harsh? Sure. I don't really care because life it too short for garbage.

10.   30 Rock. 
I got into 30 Rock at my sisters persistence. Every time I walked in on her, she had Liz Lemon & Jack playing in the background no matter what she was doing. The first time I watched it, I did not care for it. Years went by, I tried again and this time, something had changed. I actually paid attention to the humor. It’s a show about a live sketch TV show featuring Tracy Jordan, mentally ill famous comedian and Jenna Maroney, narcissist blonde looking for her BIG break, produced by a neurotic Liz Lemon whose boss is a conservative, Reagan worshipping, suit loving Jack Donaghy. Its smart, funny and intelligent, but can you honestly expect anything less from Tina Fey.

9.   It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
I think the best way to sum up this FX show that has been on TV for 13 years now is: Dark, dark, DAAAAAAAAARK humor. You have to experience “the gang” for yourself and not be disturbed, 
offended and swayed by their destructive tendencies. Sunny takes all the familiar family sitcom tropes and tells them to fuck off.
8.   Scrubs
Scrubs was my first American TV show. It will always have a special place in my heart. I’m trying to recall anything that resembles its heart, quirky humor, realistic medicine practices and a sense of growing up. There has been nothing like it on TV since.
7.   Jane the Virgin
Over the top telenovela style comedy/drama featuring a young, religious virgin getting artificially inseminated by accident, while layering humor, diverse characters and often complex story lines? Sign me up. Jane the Virgin is a charming show that will tug at your heart.

6.   Happy Endings
It lasted 3 glorious seasons because we all know how intelligent humor bodes with American mainstream (spoiler alert: it does NOT) and to this date, it remains the ONLY show that still brings anger and sadness in me for no longer existing. It’s basically Friends….if Friends was intelligent, not offensive, homophobic or sexist, full of referential humor that requires wit and quick thinking. It also features two Serbian sisters who couldn’t be more different and is set in Chicago….so obviously I have no bias. ;)
5.  The Office
It’s a fucking classic. Must I describe it further?
4.  Archer
Yes it’s a cartoon. I had to battle it out in my head between Archer, Bob’s Burgers and Bojack Horseman for the spot but ultimately, Archer belongs on my list because its crude, rude, funny, endlessly quotable, plotted and paced perfectly with the most distinct group of characters you’ll ever experience, including a German doctor who may or may not be…a clone of Hitler.
3.  Crazy Ex Girlfriend
I can’t remember the last time a comedy-drama stuck with me so much. Majority of the audience has ignored this CW gem…mainly because of its terrible title and the fact that its on CW, but my God…the humanity has been missing out on a musical comedy that addresses many complex themes such as mental illness, female sexuality & parenting. If I can pick ONE show from this list to recommend till the end of time, its Crazy Ex Girlfriend. 
2.  Arrested Development
Arrested Development represents my transition into adulthood. It basically ruined me for any TV-show that’s NOT represented on this list. After I watched, laughed and understood Arrested Development….the thought of shows like “Friends” “Two & Half men” “Big Bang Theory” etc. makes me vomit, and I mean that literally. 
Never fucking again. 
Thank you Bluths for freeing me from mediocrity and life filled with laugh tracks.

1.  Parks & Recreation
Nothing is perfect. Is there such thing even? It exists and it is called Parks & Recreation. Parks & Rec is a PERFECT TV SHOW. Even its weak Season 1 is Oscar material compared to 90% of shit on TV right now. Parks & Rec succeeds where all others fail: its humor is based in OPTIMISM. Its charming as fuck, funny, intelligent. Its characters genuinely like each other and do everything to better each other. World can be a dark, cruel place and spending half hour with Leslie Knope and her gang will feel like sunshine and cold, freshly squeezed lemonade.

Memorable mentions:
  • Bob's Burgers
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine
  • New Girl

Game of Thrones Season 7 finale thoughts & season 8 predictions

Thoughts and some predictions on the Game of Thrones finale (obviously spoilers.) Level of excitement/importance/prediction not in any particular order. Here we go:

  • Sansa is personally responsible for ridding the world of TWO psychopaths and sociopaths: Baelish & Ramsey Bolton. I do not wanna HEAR Sansa hate near me. No one grew and evolved as much as she has. If anyone truly deserves the throne and will serve it well and smart, its Sansa f*cking Stark. She survived horrific abuse by Westeros biggest psychos and outlived them. Come at me bro.
  • Also, Sansa & Arya bonding over their struggles and being fucking awesome is the lullaby I fall asleep to.

  • Baelish choking on his own blood after being cut by the same knife that was LITERALLY a catalyst for the ENTIRE show, is the song of my people. Lemme sing it to ya: BYE FELICIA.
  • I find it fitting that Viserion dragon is the one that died and became the Ice Dragon. Dany named him after a very cruel, evil brother….it seems fitting that she will battle him AGAIN.
  • If you are a fan of the show, if you’ve read the books, understand GOT mythology and why George Martin does what he does, the concept of FAMILY & POWER is extremely important. Incest is something that’s been practiced for centuries. All Targeryan’s married each other to keep the power and more importantly MAGIC in the blood because pure Targeryan blood is what controls the dragons. At the risk of sounding like an elitist snob - read the f*cking book. Being grossed out by Dany & Jon is pointless. It’s in their blood, it’s their destiny, it’s their family history, it’s who Targeryan’s ARE. They are two sides of the same coin. The entire story is two of them….two nothings who endured so much and became everything. They are “A Song of Ice & Fire.”
  • Dany will get pregnant and the baby will be The Prince or Princess that was Promised - who will end the Long Night. The baby will kill Dany in the process….or Jon will kill her with Longclaw to fulfill Azor Ahai prophesy. I just know that there is no happy ending for Jon & Dany. How can there be? Pretty much every love story on the show has caused major tragedy to everyone. Hello Robb Stark, you dumbass!
Azor Ahai plunging the Hero's Sword into Nissa Nissa's Chest.
  • Speaking of dark loves – Rhaegar & Lyanna Stark. He didn’t kidnap or rape her. He loved and married her. Everything Robert Baratheon did….started an entire war, killed so many -  was based on a LIE. So many suffered becauase Rhaegar fell in love with Lyanna…..and their own blood (Jon & Dany) will pay it all back. Again, this is my prediction.
Robert Baratheon & Rhaegar Targeryan
  • Jon Snow is Jon Snow. I mean…yes, he’s Aegon Targeryan…but JON FRIGGIN SNOW.

  • I still do not know what to make of the Lannister siblings. Jaime might have freed himself from a toxic relationship, but Cersei’s pregnancy complicates things. I think this baby is whats gonna cause Tyrion to betray Dany. I believed for SO LONG that he’s the third head of the dragons. That was quickly shot down with the Ice Dragon, and Tyrion will be torn. Cersei will die…but how? By Jaime, Tyrion or will her baby kill her like Tyrion “killed” their own mother in childbirth? Third one would be poetic for sure.
  • Jon & Dany – I’ve been a LONG fangirl of this union. It makes sense…despite the incest. Their journey and mythology that surrounds them spans centuries. Plus they are sexy as hell together. Their union will destroy them…..and save the world.

  • Brienne & Hound acting all proud of their murder child Arya…one of the best scenes.
  • Dany’s entrance – so dramatic, I loved it. That’s exactly how you meet Cersei Lannister.
  • Theon finally embracing an identity – Greyjoy or Stark  was beautiful. He was misguided, lost and Reek for so long, watching him fight for Yara made my heart sing.
  • Snow in the South…Jaime riding away; becoming The Winter Lion…I got chills. WINTER IS HERE.
  • Despite everything, I just CANT hate Cersei Lannister. This is the first time in her life she’s calling the shots, making decisions, not giving a fuck. Her entire existence and decisions were maneuvered and made by fuckboys around her. Get yours Cersei! Also, give a Golden Globe to Lena Hadley....she was so perfect in her scenes with Jaime and Tyrion. SO SO PERFECT.
  • Took centuries to build The Wall…took years to grow a Dragon…The Night King ended it all in matter of seconds. He is NOT fucking around.

Right now, the best I can hope for is that Trump and rest of World leaders do not end the world before the series conclude in 2019. 
Thoughts? Predictions?