Jim & Pam are the Worst

So finally, Katie shows up to meet with Jim and he asks her about her deserted island films. She also says Legally Blonde. Pam burst into a mocking cackle.

“Look how stupid your girlfriend is” – what that laugh signified to me and  Jim’s first reaction is to silent his new girlfriend whose bubbliness and femininity didn’t appease “cool” and “nerdy” Pam Beasly.

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My Favorite TV Comedies of ALL Time

If you catch me on Netflix, Hulu or Xfinity streaming, the chances are I am watching ONE of these shows...again and again and again. All stress & anxiety melts off of me so I thought I'd share with you what I think are the best, funniest TV shows in the last 20 years. No, my list will not contain Friends, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Two & Half Men, any reality TV...simply because those shows are not funny and I don't watch garbage. Harsh? Sure. I don't really care because life it too short for garbage.

10.   30 Rock. 
I got into 30 Rock at my sisters persistence. Every time I walked in on her, she had Liz Lemon & Jack playing in the background no matter what she was doing. The first time I watched it, I did not care for it. Years went by, I tried again and this time, something had changed. I actually paid attention to the humor. It’s a show about a live sketch TV show featuring Tracy Jordan, mentally ill famous comedian and Jenna Maroney, narcissist blonde looking for her BIG break, produced by a neurotic Liz Lemon whose boss is a conservative, Reagan worshipping, suit loving Jack Donaghy. Its smart, funny and intelligent, but can you honestly expect anything less from Tina Fey.

9.   It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
I think the best way to sum up this FX show that has been on TV for 13 years now is: Dark, dark, DAAAAAAAAARK humor. You have to experience “the gang” for yourself and not be disturbed, 
offended and swayed by their destructive tendencies. Sunny takes all the familiar family sitcom tropes and tells them to fuck off.
8.   Scrubs
Scrubs was my first American TV show. It will always have a special place in my heart. I’m trying to recall anything that resembles its heart, quirky humor, realistic medicine practices and a sense of growing up. There has been nothing like it on TV since.
7.   Jane the Virgin
Over the top telenovela style comedy/drama featuring a young, religious virgin getting artificially inseminated by accident, while layering humor, diverse characters and often complex story lines? Sign me up. Jane the Virgin is a charming show that will tug at your heart.

6.   Happy Endings
It lasted 3 glorious seasons because we all know how intelligent humor bodes with American mainstream (spoiler alert: it does NOT) and to this date, it remains the ONLY show that still brings anger and sadness in me for no longer existing. It’s basically Friends….if Friends was intelligent, not offensive, homophobic or sexist, full of referential humor that requires wit and quick thinking. It also features two Serbian sisters who couldn’t be more different and is set in Chicago….so obviously I have no bias. ;)
5.  The Office
It’s a fucking classic. Must I describe it further?
4.  Archer
Yes it’s a cartoon. I had to battle it out in my head between Archer, Bob’s Burgers and Bojack Horseman for the spot but ultimately, Archer belongs on my list because its crude, rude, funny, endlessly quotable, plotted and paced perfectly with the most distinct group of characters you’ll ever experience, including a German doctor who may or may not be…a clone of Hitler.
3.  Crazy Ex Girlfriend
I can’t remember the last time a comedy-drama stuck with me so much. Majority of the audience has ignored this CW gem…mainly because of its terrible title and the fact that its on CW, but my God…the humanity has been missing out on a musical comedy that addresses many complex themes such as mental illness, female sexuality & parenting. If I can pick ONE show from this list to recommend till the end of time, its Crazy Ex Girlfriend. 
2.  Arrested Development
Arrested Development represents my transition into adulthood. It basically ruined me for any TV-show that’s NOT represented on this list. After I watched, laughed and understood Arrested Development….the thought of shows like “Friends” “Two & Half men” “Big Bang Theory” etc. makes me vomit, and I mean that literally. 
Never fucking again. 
Thank you Bluths for freeing me from mediocrity and life filled with laugh tracks.

1.  Parks & Recreation
Nothing is perfect. Is there such thing even? It exists and it is called Parks & Recreation. Parks & Rec is a PERFECT TV SHOW. Even its weak Season 1 is Oscar material compared to 90% of shit on TV right now. Parks & Rec succeeds where all others fail: its humor is based in OPTIMISM. Its charming as fuck, funny, intelligent. Its characters genuinely like each other and do everything to better each other. World can be a dark, cruel place and spending half hour with Leslie Knope and her gang will feel like sunshine and cold, freshly squeezed lemonade.

Memorable mentions:
  • Bob's Burgers
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine
  • New Girl