To All the Rom-Coms I have Loved Before

Please be like “To All the Boys I've Loved Before…”

Please be like “Set it up”


Whatever the heck Netflix doing right now, just keep doing it (not “The Kissing Booth.” That film is TRASH, and not the good kind of trash.) Time and place for good comedy, romance and lighthearted fun could not be more welcomed. Trump is President and Thanos ended the Universe. I need lightness in my life. I need that beaming nimble of hope that is a good TEEN movie, a good romantic comedy to brighten my cynical, dark mind because NOW you can add collapsing bridges to my never-ending slew of unreasonable fears and phobias. Shit is exhausting.

Romantic comedies are making a comeback and I AM HERE FOR IT. I want every male lead to be Peter Kavinsky. I want all female friendships to be as fun and supportive as Lara Jean’s & Chris. I want my mean girls to be mean, but not cruel & evil. I want all teenage rooms to look like Lara Jean’s. That wallpaper is everything. I want all dads with daughters to treat them as human beings.

Why does “To all the Boys I have Loved Before” succeed where majority of stale romantic comedies fail miserably? It treats its characters like actual people, not caricatures.

It embodies all the high school tropes you can imagine, but this film does them better.

Lara Jean’s life is not destroyed belligerently by her love letters. There is no evil agenda to spread them around like lava to ruin her life and reputation. Her friend Chris supports her relationship, wants her to be happy. They do not fight over stupid shit. They STICK UP FOR EACH OTHER. When the mean girl is talking shit about your boots, your best friend will say loudly how awesome your boots are.

 When you hear people say #notallmen, they are talking about PETER KAVINSKY. 

My entire life was in the mood for this film.

My soul needed rest.

And it got it. At least for a moment.