Immigration, Ethics, Humanity, Laws, Wars and some Karen's opinion on it

I am an immigrant. Well, I was up until April 2008 when I took the oath and accepted the American flag and Constitution as my own. I did it with a great pride because my family and I have made America our home. 

My Naturalization ceremony April 25, 2008

What West (including America) took from us in the 1990’s, it gave us some of it back. I realize how many of you (my American friends & acquaintances) do not grasp the impact Western wars have on the World.

You came at me in 1992 and followed me to Serbia in 1999 to “finish the job.” Tuesday’s tornado test sirens here STILL trigger memories of the war sirens that echoed for those terrifying 4 months in 1999. My country will not recover economically for another 100 years, it seems. Was my dream to grow, live and die in Bosnia? Of course it was. Who doesn’t want to thrive among their own? 

America tooketh, America giveth. But not all are so lucky and privileged as I was.

When I went back to Zenica & my village Raspotocje after 25 years, to say I felt nothing is a gross understatement, but it no longer felt like my own. 

25 years later - I'm standing in a place where my childhood home used to be, before it was bombed and burned down.

I was 14 when we immigrated and I keep imagining what would have happened if my sister and I were separated from our parents when we landed in NYC. The thought alone feels like a nightmare.

I understand each situation is different and should not be treated with broad sweeps. But to feel NOT AN OUNCE of empathy for anyone fleeing a shitty situation, especially situation caused by the precious America, with your endless wars for profit (and I BLAME every single one of your f*cking presidents since Reagan and especially those feckless cunts Clintons.) 

War is evil. War is an unimaginable evil that destroys. There is nothing glamorous and poetic about it, but America gets rich. You got rich from WW2 (your Great Depression ended with involvement in WW2) and from then on,…it’s been war for profit under the pretext of “democracy.” You use your media to demonize world leaders, paint us like animals, tell your people that you are bringing peace and democracy and call it “patriotism.” I felt your “patriotism” on my skin. There is NOTHING patriotic in destroying others, leaving rubble, ash and dust, and then closing your doors on carcass you left behind. 

Do I believe that we should have a process for immigration, border protection and vetting? Fuck yes. Most normal people want that. I doubt anyone is a “free for all, do whatever the fuck you want, fuck the law” anarchist. That’s not how any of this works and if you are the tinfoil wearing deep state conspiracy fuck taking the words of fascist barbies on Faux News (who can't spell the fucking word) on are hopeless and your opinion is as useful as a rotting appendix.

This is who is fueling your racism. Congrats.

I know the process because I went through the process. It was grueling, heartbreaking and difficult. You are rejected and your life is dissected in ways you never thought possible. So no Karen, you white hack from Oklahoma – I don’t give a flying fuck about your racism and shitty thoughts on immigration when you’ve spent your lifetime eating Twinkies on the couch, watching baseball & calling your Dollar Store cashier the “N” word. 

I don’t need some fucking white Chad from Minnesota spewing “but the law!” while a four year old's are traumatized by being separated from their parents at the border and kept in cages like animals.

You don’t know SHIT about immigration, laws and why families flee, Susan.

Are these people breaking the law by crossing illegally? Yes. 

Is seeking asylum at the border illegal? No.

Should everyone that wants it be granted an asylum? No.

A 2-year-old Honduran girl cried as her mother was searched near the U.S.-Mexico border.

Is it moral or humane to separate young children from their parents and keep them in cages covered in fucking tinfoil like animals? If you answer that question with YES, you are the exact same ignorant garbage that lived in villages near concentration camps in Poland and Yugoslavia, smelled the bodies, saw the smoke and pretended it’s your stale garbage soup.