Portobello Mushroom Burger with Avocado, Bacon & zesty chipotle aioli.

This is my recipe. Yes, one would think i'd take credit for a more complex dish but no, I'm not that good. Most of my cooking comes from other people's recipes. This one, I put together because I had ingredients that needed to be used or tossed soon enough. Voila the portobello mushroom burger with avocado, bacon and zesty chipotle aioli. You can also make this vegetarian/vegan (just take away the bacon)...and the aioli I made, I used "fake" mayo. Again, I only cook little..for two people. If you want more, add more. Its customizable and you can add literally whatever you want. I personally find these ingredients to be a complete palette: the crunch, the green, the zest and the cream.

2 big portobello mushroom. Remove stems, wash, throw some salt n pepper, cover with papertowels to soak up excess water.
1 avocado. Cut in pieces. No salt needed if you're using bacon.
1 leaf of romaine lettuce.
10 pieces of bacon. (Husband and I have 5 each)
2 brioche buns (any buns you want)

Just sea salt and ground pepper
Cook the bacon first. Set aside in paper towel to soak up extra fat. Drain half of the fat left and use it to cook your mushrooms and toast the buns. For vegetarian option, ignore the bacon and use olive oil

For zesty chipotle aioli:
Spoon of ketchup, spoon of "fake" or real mayo,  small spoon of dijon mustard.
Season it with garlic powder, onion powder, chipotle paprika and table spoon of pickled olive juice. Mix together and voila! Your buns are ready to be sauced!

Make sure the mushrooms are cooked throughly...as in, once they "let" the water out. Otherwise, your buns will be soaked in shroom juice. Unless thats something you like. You can also grill them....which you know, having 2 Weber's 10 feet from me, one would think I wouldn't stink up the house with bacon but whatever, the cats enjoy it.

Add the greenery and enjoy!